The Engineering, Design and Building Consortium is a civil corporation associated by the companies: Techno Energy Ltd, Weiss Profile Ltd and Oldex Ltd,  and registered in compliance with Articles of Association of 11 March 2009,  having its registered address and head office at 1220 Sofia, Nadezhda,  8 Iliensko Road, Corporate ID: 175648695. It was registered pursuant to Article 275 and Article 276 of the Commercial Act in conjunction with Articles 357-364 of the Contracts and Obligations Act.

The purpose of this association is to organize optimal quality design, building and construction services for projects awarded under the Public Procurement Act or funded by the European Union.

The Engineering, Design and Building Consortium as an association is a recipient of the broad administrative, manufacturing and technological experience of the said partner companies, the result of the long and productive work of each of them in their own professional paths.

The scope of the work of the consortium covers Engineering, Design, Reconstruction, Building, Installation and Finishing work, plumbing installation and services, hydro technical facilities, heating and ventilation systems and power grids of up to 1000 V; Installation of heating and hydro insulation materials; Production and installation of PVC and aluminium window and door frames; Construction and repair of projects in the technical, public development and energy infrastructure, including building, maintenance and repair of roads and streets, and their infrastructure, retrofitting. Preservation and restoration of immovable cultural assets of local, national and global significance.